Apple Pencil Accessory Glow in the Dark Silicon Pencil Cap Strap (2 Pair)

Fluorescent Green
Light gray
Stop Losing Your Apple Pencil's Cap while Charging!
Annoyed as to how easy it is to lose the Apple Pencil Cap? This Innovative Apple Pencil Cap Strap is the solution for all Apple Pencil users! When charging the Apple Pencil you need to remove its cap in order for you to plug in the lightning cable. However, that tiny Pencil Cap is easily lost. Now, with our Premium Silicon Cable Straps you do not need to worry. It works by "strapping" your Apple Pen to your Cap with a flexible design. When you need to charge, simply pop off the cap, plug in, and know that your cap won't be rolling around on its own. Using High Quality Silicon materials the Cap Strap is Durable, Easy to Install and Use. The strap is also Glow in the Dark which helps you to locate and see even when its pitch dark.
  • Innovative Design
  • Don't ever lose your Apple Pencil Cap Again!
  • Flexible Premium Silicone Materials 100%
  • Glow in the Dark for Convenience
  • Easy Installation and Usage
  • Adds barely any weight to the pen
  • Does not interfere with Pen Usage
  • Designed for Apple Pencil


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