Bone Conduction™ Wireless Bluetooth Headset


Bone Conduction™ Wireless Bluetooth Headset is the Newest technology for Headphones! Protect your Eardrums and still get that Great Sound through Bone Conduction Technology.

Have you ever had earphones that don't fit or fall out? Or have s headset that gets dirty from being inside your ear? Or did you know that conventional earphones can cause long-term hearing damage to your eardrums and you wouldn't even know it? Our Innovative Wireless Bluetooth Bone Conduction Headset set vibrations to transmit sound waves directly to the cochlea. Listen to music without blocking your ears, realize free communication!

  • FREE SHIPPING for a limited time
  • Connects easily to iPhone, Android, and all Bluetooth devices
  • NFC Connection, it will auto connect your headset for you
  • Has the ability to connect to Mobile Devices
  • CVC Smart Noise Reduction Mode
  • Great for driving, sports or other activities
  • Headset button Functions to Answer calls, Voice control, Music Player
  • Built-in High Sensitivity and Noise Reduction Microphone
  • HD Stereo Sound Quality
  • Sleek Fashionable and Comfortable design
  • 8 Hour Playtime
  • Range is as far as 33 Feet away
  • Makes a Great Gift!
  • Prevents hearing loss and eardrum damage
  • Full LED status indicators
  • Micro USB Charging Port
  • Comes in 4 hip colors (Green, Light Green, Pink, Blue)
  • Each set comes with 2 LED Tire Valve Caps
  • Simply plug and use, no need for installation
  • Sweat and Shockproof
  • Long Battery Life
  • Comes with 3x AG10 button batteries (included)
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