10 Times Social Media Captured That Low Battery Anxiety

You know the feeling, everything is going great and all of a sudden you look at your phone and you see your battery is low and you’re overcome by a sense of panic. You start frantically looking for a charger.

If you have access to one, you calm down and prepare to tether yourself to a cable for as long as it takes. If you can’t reach a charger in time, you might start panicking. You’re not alone.

In fact, researchers around the world have been delving into a new field of study: smartphone anxiety. If the idea of your Android or iPhone battery dipping below a certain percentage is at the root of your worries, you could have “low battery anxiety.”

It sounds like we’re making this up but it’s entirely legitimate. It’s even estimated that as many as 90% of people have some degree of low battery anxiety. A survey by LG found 39% of people have asked a total stranger to charge their phone, one in three said they’d skip going to the gym in favor of charging their smartphone and 32 percent said they’d drop everything and make a U-turn to go back home to charge their phone.

Thankfully, beating your low battery anxiety is as easy as investing in a wireless cell phone charger or, for the people making U-turns, a wireless car charger. The wireless chargers we make here at Fiora charge at 10W and have fast charge abilities. That means when you do need to power up, you’re not stuck waiting hours for your phone to hit a full charge and you don’t need to keep track of those annoying charging cables or fumble with them when you get a call. Plus, our wireless chargers look really good too.

So, what can you do in the meantime? Well, as usual, social media is here to the rescue. We’ve rounded up some funny tweets and funny cell phone memes that pretty much sum up the struggle with keeping your phone charged and dealing with low battery anxiety.

1. @lifeofablondee1's iPhone charging cable 

Funny tweet about battery anxiety

Anyone with an iPhone knows the feeling of slowly watching their charger yet again get ready to bite the dust. It’s a constant gamble and you wonder if today is the day it’s going to go and you’re going to be facing 10% battery without a charger. We say break up with the cable and embrace wireless life.

2. Redditor fordr015's "scariest pumpkin"

2% battery carved pumpkin

The jack-o-lantern in question features a cell phone battery at two percent. Considering they got over 71.8K upvotes it seems like it’s a feeling most of us are familiar with and it is pretty terrifying to be honest.

3. Sam Stryker's tweet at twentysomething

Funny tweet about battery life

 We really felt that one. Usually the funniest tweets are also the most accurate.

4. This comic by xkcd

funny comic about low battery screen grabs

We don’t know about you but no matter how exciting the screenshot is, our eyes can’t help but go straight towards the battery percent. You start feeling anxious for the person who sent you the message.

5. @shariv67's tweet on being phone-less

Funny tweet about living without a phone

Okay, so maybe this one isn’t technically about having low battery and is more on par with that time you accidentally ran your phone through the washing machine. However, without fail, when your phone goes dead, you realize how much you rely on it.

6. @Justinthecity's wise tweet

Funny text about cell phone batteries being low

Wow. Too real.

    7. @markedly's tweet about being tethered 

    Funny tweet about needing to go home because of low cellphone battery

    Phones always seem to go from 100 to 0 real fast and then you can never seem to find your charger cord. That’s why we’re partial to a charging pad.

      8. @beigecardigan, queen of funny memes

      meme about low battery

      Considering Fiora wireless chargers charge your phone up to 40% faster than other chargers, you can get your phone to an acceptable level before your friends pull up to your house.  

        9. @RebelCircusQuotes_'s Instagram quote

        quote about how needing a cord is like a landline

        Like we said, cords ruin everything.

          10. @Jake_Vig's tweet

          Funny tweet about low battery phones

          If Jake had a lightening speed charging pad, then he could really push it to the limit knowing he’d be back at 100% in no time.

            To say goodbye to low battery anxiety and free yourself from your charging cable, shop Fiora wireless chargers.