6 Things to Look for When Shopping for Wireless Chargers


wireless charger

Charging your phone in the car, at home or in the office has never been easier or more streamlined thanks to wireless chargers. You simply rest your phone on the charging stand or pad and the transmitter coil in the charger generates an electromagnetic field with the coil in your phone, meaning there’s no need to directly connect to a power source. You don’t have to deal with wires, remembering to stash extra chargers everywhere, choose between charging or using your dongle or unplugging your device every time you get a call. Yet, not every wireless phone charger is created equal, so before you shell out for the first one you come across, here are the six things to look for when shopping for a new one:

  1. Fast Charge Ability – Because of the low profile, portability and fact you don’t have to keep your phone plugged in while it charges, wireless chargers simplify your life and make things convenient. With that said, your phone still has to be on the charging pad or stand for it to work and if it takes forever to get your phone fully charged, you’re kind of stuck in one place. So, the best wireless charger is one that has fast charge and quick charge technology like our Fiora Qi wireless chargers. They have a powerful double coil that can charge your phone up to 80% faster than other wireless chargers on the market and they charge at 10W. You’ll get a full charge within a few hours and even better? They actually increase your phone battery longevity, letting you go longer between charges.
  2. Quality Materials – Hey, we've all been guilty of buying a super cheap charger in a pinch. That also means, we all know how it ends: the cord frays after a few months of use and you have to frantically hunt for a new one. The same holds true for wireless chargers. It’s better to go with one made of quality materials so that it lasts and does its job. That way, you’re not left wandering around the office hoping a co-worker can do you a solid and let you borrow theirs. When you do go for a throwaway, cheap version, whether it’s a traditional charger or a wireless phone charger, you end up replacing it so many times, you don’t actually save any money, you can harm your phone and battery and you add more waste to the landfills. Fiora wireless chargers are made with premium materials, including our line of charging pads and stands crafted from wood and aluminum, and they’re built to last. If, for some reason, it does break, you’re covered with our 12-month manufacturer warranty.
  3. Universal – If family members have different types of phones, it can be a pain stocking up on several chargers for each device. Our products have a universal fit for all Qi enabled devices. That means, you get a Samsung, an LG and an iPhone wireless charger in a single product. With one charger, your entire household is taken care of.
  4. Temperature Control – How many times have you picked up your phone while it was charging only to find it was hot to the touch. While it’s common for this to happen, frequent overheating can lead to damage and decrease the lifespan of your device. Our wireless chargers have built-in temperature control and we even offer a wireless charging stand with a cooling fan, which prevents your phone from overheating. We’re all about helping your phone function at its best, so it’s always there when you need it.
  5. Safety Features – Charging a phone isn’t as simple of a process as it appears on the surface. Lithium batteries are notoriously unstable. (You may recall the exploding Samsung Note 7 debacle.) That’s why there are actually pretty stringent regulations concerning things like voltage output, insulation and other factors. However, those cheapo chargers we talked about earlier don’t follow the regulations. This can potentially be unsafe and lead to fires, exploding batteries and damaged devices. Our wireless chargers have over-charging and heat protection, surge protection and are certified safe with CE, FCC and RoHS.
  6. Stylish – Okay, so, sure, that Android or iPhone wireless charger doesn’t have to look pretty to work well. However, technology has become such a huge part of our lives and why not have tech that looks as good as it functions? Fiora wood wireless chargers are sleek and stylish. They’ll make sure your phone battery is always full while also serving as a décor piece on your desk or in your home. Aesthetics are important and we think your gadgets should fit your personal style, especially ones you use every day.

If you want the best wireless charger for your phone that pairs innovation with style, look no further. Shop our wireless chargers with fast charge Qi technology and say goodbye to wires and low battery anxiety.