The all-new Fiora car wireless chargers will let you charge your smartphone easily without making you connect it to a cable each time. Smartphones can do many things at once but they still can’t hold a charge for longer than a couple of hours if you use it extensively. That’s why it’s best to keep a charger at hand always. But what about in your car? It’s where you need to focus on the road rather than plugging a charger into your phone. Just drop it in, and watch it charge! It's that easy!

This is what makes Fiora car wireless chargers so unique; they allow you to get in the car and simply place it on the holder. Worried that a wireless charger doesn’t deliver the same power as a wired one? Fast charging is guaranteed because of Fiora Qi and Quick Charge innovation. Not only are they functional, but the stylish appearance of Fiora car wireless chargers make them a good addition to your car’s interior. You can get our products in a number of colors as well, so you can choose what best suits your personality.

In case your new Fiora car wireless charger takes up some damage or gets broken, you can simply have it replaced with a new one because of the 1-year product warranty that it gives on all its products. Additionally, if you’re having trouble wrapping your head around how you should be using the wireless car charger, don’t think that it’s broken or simply. Since setting it up and getting it to work the first time is always hardest, you can call us anytime at 24/7 customer service.