Samsung phones are quite popular and it can be quite a hassle if you share chargers with your family. The constant tugging and pulling can cause damage to the cable, rendering it useless. Instead of wasting money on such chargers, why not bring home a Fiora Samsung wireless charger. The models in our collection are compatible with all the recent Samsung smartphones. You can select one depending on your needs, as we offer a variety of models. You won’t have to plug in a cable or pull it out anymore; just simply place it on the charging platform and pick it up when it’s done.

Our Samsung wireless chargers incorporate the latest Fast Charge and Quick Charge 3.0 technology. This technology enables it to deliver a speedy charge to your phone, straight through the cover. Furthermore, our durable chargers increase the longevity of your phone’s battery life by offering a balanced and steady charge at all times. The Fiora Samsung wireless charger collection features all sorts of models. This collection includes car chargers, stands, pads, inbuilt cooling pads that avoid overheating, and even lamps. In fact, you can place these lamps on your desk.

Samsung Wireless Charger products support all Samsung Wireless Charging Qi enabled devices such as the Galaxy S9, Note 8, Galaxy S8, plus many more!

Aside from having astonishingly advanced specifications and durability, Fiora Samsung Wireless chargers also add an element of style to whatever setting you choose to place them in. By purchasing a Fiora product, your satisfaction is guaranteed because we offer a 30-day guarantee and 12-month warranty on all Samsung wireless charger models. Also, you can simply contact our 24-hour customer service team for answers to any of your queries or problems.