Smartphones can do a good many things but the problem with them is that they don’t offer a decent battery life. It’s always a hassle to keep a single charger throughout the lifespan of your smartphone. After all, chargers always manage to fray, break or stop working. There are also major issues when it comes to connecting. Pulling and tugging on the wire can damage the charger, as well as the charging point of your phone. Hence, wireless chargers are the way to go with all your recent smartphone models.

The Fiora wireless chargers for Android phones comprise of high-quality materials to give you the best value. Our Android wireless chargers incorporate Quick Charge 3.0 technology to allow a fast and balanced charge. This way, your Android phone has a longer battery life. Our collection includes much more than just the standard wireless charger. You also find all sorts of designs and combinations that suit your needs. We have wireless car chargers, stands, pads, lamps, and even stands with inbuilt cooling pads so your phone doesn’t heat up while charging.

Also, not only are Fiora Android wireless chargers ready for heavy duty use, but they also add a stylish appeal to whatever setting you place them in. What’s more is that we offer a 30-day guarantee and 12-month manufacturer warranty with all our Android wireless chargers. In the situation that you have a problem with your device or can’t understand it, feel free to contact our 24-hour customer service.